Five condo security tips


Have you recently moved into a condo in California? The process of buying a condo brings out the unique aspects of a condo life, like the need for special condo insurance.  California condos have a reputation for good security, but if you have never lived in an apartment or a condo before you may be interested in a list of security tips we have compiled.

1.    Change the locks on your condo as soon as you move in. Make sure that your lock is a robust deadbolt design.
2.    Be sure that you know who you buzz into the building. Intruders often try many intercom buttons in the hope that they will be buzzed in by someone who doesn’t check them.
3.    Report any security lapses or maintenance issues to your building management organization. Tell management about faulty lighting, broken locks and other issues that have implications for condo security.
4.    View visitors through your peephole before you let them in to your condo. Ask to see the ID of anyone claiming to have come to read a meter, and call the utility company to check if you have any doubts.
5.    Don’t let anyone slip in to the building when you enter. It’s not impolite to insist that they use the intercom system to get into the building.

Condo insurance California helps protect you from losses due to theft. Don’t rely on insurance compensation after a burglary, take proactive steps to keep your condo home secure and prevent thieves from getting access to your building.