CA Auto Coverage, Do You Know The Basics?


When reading over your insurance coverage there is going to be some legal jargon you may not understand, for that you may need a specialist. However, when it comes down to basics here are three things that you can understand and you should know about your auto coverage.

Property Coverage – This will pay for the damage to or theft of your car only.

Liability Coverage – This will pay for any legal responsibility you may have after getting in an accident.  Legally you may be liable for bodily injury or property damage in the event of an accident.

Medical Coverage – Will pay for the cost of injury in the event of an accident, this will allow for payment for treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes even funeral expenses and lost wages.

These three types of coverage are absolutely necessary and also easy to understand once broken down. If you currently do not have the coverage you are needing, contact your local agent and have them go over what types of coverage are right for you.  Everyone has a different situation and may not need all types of coverage, do the research and find out what coverage is best for you!