Downsizing to a condo? You’ll need condo insurance in California!

Condo living is quite a special way of life that is likely to bring some surprises to someone who is accustomed to living in detached housing or regular apartments.  Residents of condo developments have access to communal leisure facilities and freedom from home maintenance chores, but along with this freedom there are some restrictions, including the condo Association’s local rules, and having to find special condo insurance in California. Residents who downsize to a condo may have to adapt to a much smaller living space.


It’s not only that a condo is likely to have fewer rooms than a house or apartment; what rooms there are tend to be smaller, too. 


1. Don’t expect to transfer furniture from your home to a condo unit. Look for furniture that’s on a smaller scale that suits a condo space better.


2. Be prepared to have significantly less storage space in a condo. You may have to do a cull of your possessions.


3. Some of your appliances may be too large for a condo; a large vacuum cleaner that is easily stored in a house with plenty of closet space could be a white elephant in a condo.


4. You may need to rethink some of your ideas about décor. Colors and patterns that work in large rooms may not transfer well to a condo.


Moving to a condo may mean learning the true meaning of downsizing, but don’t despair! Just as there are insurance agencies that specialize in condo insurance, California has many stores that specialize in condo-scale furniture.