Grad Night Tips for Parents

Graduation is coming up and, with that, Grad Night. For many parents that can mean stress while worrying about what your kids are going to be up to and who they’re going to be with. While you want your teens to have fun, you also want them to be safe, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to share with your teens that will hopefully ease some of the strain.

1. Don’t rent a hotel room for your teens. No matter how responsible your kids are, the hotel room will inevitably get trashed and someone will at least sneak alcohol in. It really always ends up being a recipe for disaster.

2. Get the whole itinerary from your kids. Not only will this help to ease your mind because you’ll know where they’ll be every second of the night, but in case something goes wrong you won’t have to spend as much time trying to figure out where they are before you can get to them.

3. Establish a grad night curfew. Many parents extend their children’s curfews out later on grad night because it’s a special occasion, but definitely make sure something is agreed upon. If your teens are planning on spending the night out at a friends, establish a time when they have to check in with you so you’re not up all night wondering if they ever made it there from the event.

4. Make sure you know who will be driving and who else is in your kid’s group. If using a car service, check with the company ahead of time and make sure they don’t allow any drinking.

5. Some schools now-a-days breathalyze their students before admitting them to grad night, but some students take this as a reason to just do other things. Talk to your teens about these inherent dangers and remind them of their school’s regulations surrounding grad night.

6. Provide an “out” for your teen. Often teens will get themselves into situations they’re not entirely comfortable in, but they don’t want to look uncool by telling their friends they want to go. Discuss an exit strategy. Maybe you guys can have a code word your teen can text you to let you know to call them and make it seem like they have to come home right away, against their will. This saves face with the friends but still allows your kids to feel like they don’t have to do anything they’re not okay with.

7. Remember that this night isn’t just for your teens. In a way, graduation is a rite of passage for parents, too, so enjoy it. Your little ones have grown up into responsible young adults and have earned this night through years of hard work. Although not being able to be by their side every second on a night that is infamous for it’s craziness, trust that you’ve raised your children well and relish in that feeling.