Is your ATV Protected?

 Did you know that you actually have to get insurance for your ATV? It’s probably something that not many people think about since it’s not generally on the road with other cars, but it is something that needs to be properly insured, just like your car. We’ve come up with some tips for how to make sure that your ATV is properly covered.

1. Cover you ATV with a dedicated policy – If you take your ATV off your home’s property, it’s no longer covered under your homeowner’s policy. Make sure that you get separate coverage for your ATV (Sweeney & Sweeney offers ATV insurance!) so that in case there are any mishaps, you don’t have any additional worries.

2. Take a safety course – Many companies offer discounts if you’ve gone through safety training because it means that you’re less likely to make a mistake that will lead to a claim. Also, of course, the more you know the safer you’ll be, and that’s ultimately what we want!

3. Protect the extras – If you have any costly extras on your vehicle, or are thinking about adding some, check that your coverage will cover those things as well. Some will while other companies will require you to get extra coverage.

4. Stay on the road – Most ATV enthusiasts have their favourite places that they like to ride out in the middle of nowhere. In the case of an accident or isolation, make sure that your policy includes reimbursement for lodging, transportation and meals.

5. One policy to cover everything – The best way to go is to see if you can get a policy that cover all of your recreational vehicles (i.e. snowmobiles, golf carts, dune buggies, etc.)

Before you head out into the woods or mountains for some ATVing this season, call up Sweeney & Sweeney to ask about your coverage and our experts, Cris and Carol, will be more than happy to help you out!