Looking for High Value Home Insurance?

Do you carry high value home insurance for your home in Florida? By purchasing high value home insurance you gain access to a variety of benefits and privileges designed for affluent homeowners.

The most cost-effective high value home insurance products offer higher coverage limits than standard home insurance policies for property and personal possessions. They also provide more generous additional living expenses for owners of high value homes who have to relocate while their homes are being rebuilt after a fire, extreme weather event or other disaster.

A high value home insurance policy should also provide a high level of coverage for fraud, data loss and identity theft. This is particularly important for residents of Florida, because in 2010 Florida led the United States in per-capita reports of identity theft according to the Consumer Sentinel Network. 

Identity theft has serious consequences. It takes time and effort to prove that you have been a victim of identity theft and recover your identity. It involves much communication by telephone, email and mail and you may need to engage an attorney if your case is complex. A damaged credit record takes time to repair, too.

Because identity theft is statistically more likely to affect Floridians than residents of other states you may wish to ask your agent or insurer how this crime is covered by your high value home insurance policy. Some insurers have programs to guide policy holders through the process of recovering their identity and repairing their credit rating.