Considering a Condo? You’ll Need Condo Insurance in California

Are you thinking of downsizing to a condo in California? Condo living may be vastly different from anything you’ve encountered before. You’re likely to have access to a range of communal amenities; and you’ll need special condo insurance in California. Condo buyers experience the benefits – and the restrictions – of the condominium lifestyle.

Condos are often built in downtown locations, so a condo may suit you if you like the idea of living in a neighborhood that’s full of buzz and activity. People who would prefer to spend their weekends at the beach rather than mowing the lawn are attracted to the idea of someone else taking care of home maintenance for them. Condominium developments often have tennis courts, gyms and swimming pools and having amenities like this on site appeals to many condo buyers.

Living in a condo is living in a community within a community. You’ll be sharing walls and common areas with other condo residents. As a condo unit owner you will be a member of your condo’s association. The association coordinates a range of responsibilities such as decisions about the common areas of the building, repair and maintenance issues, and disputes between unit owners. The condo association also enforces the community’s rules and restrictions governing matters like renovations, pet ownership and noise.

Owning and living in a condo is very different from living in a regular apartment or house in the suburbs, and we guess that difference is what has attracted you to the idea of downsizing to a condo. Because of the complexity of condo insurance in California, condo buyers may benefit from speaking to one of our agents about the types of coverage available.