Mother Nature and Insurance

    Lately mother nature has gotten angry about something. Maybe we are not living up to her expectations and she is bringing the thunder, literally. With the past few months in mind, there have been numerous weather disasters. In Butte County, California, there were reports of tornadoes landing on Wednesday. The last serious occurrence of tornadoes in the area was in 2005. Let’s not forget the flooding of the Mississippi river, the tsunami in Japan, and earthquakes are common ground in California. These natural disasters have cost nearly unimaginable damage. Those who are not insured or do not have the right insurance may be left having to pay for damages by themselves.

 Don’t be caught without the right coverage. These disasters show that anything can happen and why chance it? We here at Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Services would like to remind those in California of our outstanding services and policies. Providing home insurance in Chico, Chester, and even in the Sacramento area. Mother nature may have more in store and hopefully, your neighborhood is not next on her list!