Insurance and Motorcyclists

                What is worse than getting into a car accident? Getting into a car accident is both dangerous and costly, while getting into a motorcycle accident is pushing the odds even more and at a greater cost.  Most are aware of how much those costly mid-life crisis machines can be, and with increasing numbers of vehicle accidents there is even more risk.  11,262: the number of motorcycle related collisions in 2007 and that is just California. 75% of these accidents are involved with other vehicles and with many reasons. Another motorist violating their right of way, not seeing the cyclist in time, their view being obstructed by a larger vehicle, and sometimes, hostility towards cyclist, are a few of the more common reasons.  Few cases actually involve bad weather and 1% of accidents are due to road defects. 3% is a result of a punctured tire. The remaining 21% is the cyclist crashing into random stationary objects.
                Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Service would like to remind you that all forms of transportation come with some risk. Make sure that all safety measures are taken and that includes the bank account. Why take the chance with a motorcycle accident when insurance is available both health and motorcycle. Chances are that a crash could be on a sunny day with another vehicle or a street light.  If you are not covered, it may result in an empty space in the bank account!