Improving Your Gas Mileage

Are you finding that you’re spending more at the pump than you think you should be? It may actually be true! There are a simple things you can do to help increase your fuel efficiency.

  • Driving calmly can actually increase your fuel economy by 5-33 percent. Speeding up and braking wastes gas.
  • Observing the speed limit will also help you save gas. The more you speed the more rapid decline in your fuel economy. Really 45 mph is optimal for gas mileage for most vehicles, although this speed is a little unreasonable for most areas. So retaining the speed limit will actually help your fuel economy by 7-14 percent.
  • Keeping excess weight out of your vehicle can also help boost your MPGs, only by about 1-2 percent per 100lbs, but hey, any bit counts!
  • When you can, using your cruise control can improve your fuel economy because you’re not hovering up and down on your gas pedal to maintain speed.
  • If you have them, using your overdrive gears can both help save your money at the pump and actually reduce wear and tear on your engine because those gears cause your engine speed to go down.
  • Another lesser-known fuel economy tip is inflating your tires to 10% above their suggested pressure. This practice reduces tire friction with the road and can decrease your fuel consumption by 6-8 percent.

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