Labor Day Safety Tips

Labor Day is the day everyone is trying to squeeze in their last mini vacation before the kids go back to school and the leaves start falling. It’s a time to sit back with friends and family and enjoy the sun one last time. We know about all the Labor day fun Chico brings on this Holiday, but it is also one of the most dangerous Holidays. Here are some safety tips before you start your celebrations.

1. Stay hydrated. We know Chico likes to celebrate this holiday out in the sun with some drinks. But, don’t forget to drink water to avoid dehydration.

2. Sober driver. If you are going to the river or to a friend’s BBQ remember to get a sober driver or a taxi if you plan to have some drinks. Cops in Chico will be watching those who are drinking and driving.

3. Wear sunscreen. We know this may be your last chance to get a tan before Fall appears, but don’t forget to apply the sunscreen. A horrible burn is not worth it!

4. Keep track of your little ones. Events or BBQ’s you may go to might be crowded and when you go to a friend’s house, your children are not familiar with the house, so it is important to keep an extra eye on them.

5. First-Aid-Kit. Don’t forget to pack your first-aid-kit when you are traveling. You never know when accidents will happen and it is good to be prepared.

Sweeney & Sweeney hopes you have one last summer bash before Chico turns into the Fall Season. Have safe and happy travels!!!