The Value of Your Jewelry

Most of us know that the value of our dollar is not worth what it has been in the past; in fact it is rather low and not looking to improve anytime in the near future. Remaining optimistic is a must when going through this foggy patch, and in order to get through it we must find temporary solutions that will keep us afloat.

In times like this people try to find something with value, something solid that doesn’t fluctuate, but has the potential to jump high and always be a strong asset. One such asset could be sitting on your dresser right now!  The price of gold has been increasing at rapid rates as our dollar is decreasing. The reason for this is that gold appreciates when inflation surges. Gold is priced through the dollar anywhere in the world, and even if our currency got to the point of no value; gold would retain its value. 



You may not know that your jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds, etc.) often holds its value.  When our economy is down significantly, the value of that jewelry appreciates. With that being said it is important that you keep track of these assets, and most importantly insure them!  Stand-alone policies are available, but often coverage is included in your California renters insurance or your California home insurance.

So how do you receive insurance on your jewelry? It’s easy!  Call Sweeney & Sweeney today to discuss how you would like to include jewelry in your renters or homeowner insurance. As mentioned before, much of your expensive jewelry can actually increase in value during an economic downturn, which means you may not have enough coverage in your current policy.  If something were to happen to your precious assets you may not receive the actual value needed to replace them.  Contact Sweeney & Sweeney today and let us help you protect your precious assets!