DIY Fall Decorations

Fall is definitely in full swing, and what better way is there to celebrate than to come up with some awesome Fall decorations?! We’ve come up with a list of cool, quick, and easy DIY Fall decorations for you to play around with.

Festive candle holders – all you need is some Mod Podge, a jar, and a few pretty leaves from your yard.

Easiest wreath ever – You could use either real or fake leaves for this one, and a cut out from one of those cardboard boxes you haven’t taken out to the recycling yet.

Glitter acorns – Do you have an acorn tree (or one in your neighbourhood) that loves to litter the all over the place? Well, instead of being annoyed by the immense mess, scoop some of them up and add a little glitter for an awesome centerpiece or addition to another Fall piece.

Leaf bowl – Awesome twist on the paper mâché balloon project you did in grade school.

Leaf art – This one I think is best to make the kids do. Have them go out and collect some favourite leaves, press them, then paste them onto some construction paper.

Hope these little projects bring a little extra joy and beauty to your holiday season.

DIY Halloween Costumes for your Kids

Coming up with the perfect costume for your little one can be tough. And if funds are on the tight side, that can make things even tougher. Here are a few quick, simple, and cheap costume ideas for your kiddos.

  • Spelling Bee – leotard, pipe cleaners, hangers … not much goes into this getup, but it sure is cute!
  • Rocket Man – We all know your kid is out of this world, so why not show it off with the awesome rocket man costume?
  • Superhero – Superman, Batman, Spiderman … They’re all so overdone. Make your kid into their very own super hero!
  • Butterfly – This butterfly costume’s great, especially if you have a great eye for detail. Since you’re making the wings yourself, your munchkin can be any kind of butterfly they want!
  • Mad Scientist – What’s cuter than a little mad scientist, come on? And really, couldn’t get much easier.
  • Little Miss Sunshine – Both a great movie and a pretty good adjective for your little one. Very little prep for this costume, too.
  • Raining Cats and Dogs – If you like concept costumes, this one’s great. All you really need is a little hot glue for the stuffed critters on the umbrella!
  • Angel – So maybe our kids aren’t always so angelic, but at least they can look the part for a night! These wings are ridiculously easy and look great!
  • Pig in a Blanket – Another great conceptual costume, I’m thinking this would be the best for kids under 2. If they get worn out from trick-or-treating before you get home, they already have the blanket to snuggle with!

For more information (and pictures!) on how to put together the snazzy costumes featured, check out this awesome site! RealSimple From everyone here at Sweeney & Sweeney, we hope you have a wonderful, safe, and fun Halloween this year!