Health Care Reform: Pre-Existing Conditions

My guess is, you at least know someone who’s heard this response to their healthcare application, “We regret to inform you that coverage has been denied due to a pre-existing condition.” If you’ve ever been denied for this reason, we have really great news for you. Under the Affordable Care Act, no one will ever be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition!

Beginning in 2014, when your coverage begins, so will the coverage for your illness. The only exception to this is if you have a “grandfathered” individual policy (health insurance not provided through your employer). If you have a policy that doesn’t cover your pre-existing condition, you can choose to switch over to the Marketplace to get your new inclusive plan.

Be sure to get enrolled between October 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014 (Open Enrollment). After the open enrollment period, you may not get Marketplace coverage unless you have a qualifying life event”. Sweeney & Sweeney is more than capable and willing to help you out with enrollment. Medicaid and CHIP will also cover pre-existing conditions.

Health Care Reform updates are coming out all the time, and the whole thing can get very confusing. We want to remind you that Sweeney & Sweeney is up to date on all the news and is willing to answer any questions, and alleviate any concerns. Call us today!