Amelia Earhart Day!

Today is Amelia Earhart Day! We all know about Amelia’s amazing accomplishments, but we thought it might be interesting to come up with some more obscure facts about the icon other than she was the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic.

  • Amelia received the nickname Meelie from her younger sister who couldn’t pronounce Amelia’s name correctly.
  • Amelia was originally engaged to a New Englander named Sam Chapman whom she met in LA while visiting her parents.
  • Amelia helped to finance a date farm in Arizona for her former mechanic who developed tuberculosis.
  • Amelia was the first female, and one of only a few to date, to receive the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • Amelia used to have a 1922 Kissel Goldbug named Yellow Peril.
  • Amelia used to have a stuffed donkey named Donk who would accompany her on journeys.
  • Amelia and her younger sister had two imaginary friends named Laura and Ringa.
  • Amelia created a whole tribe of imaginary creatures that she called Dee-Jays described as being a cross between a Krazy Kat cartoon and a jabberwocky.

Hope you found this to helpful for getting a little more insight into the spectacular woman we honor every year on this day, and that your adventures be just as fruitful. Have an amazing and safe week! Click here to learn more about Amelia Earhart.