Summer Energy-Saving Tips

In this summer heat, energy bills tend to sky rocket as you
struggle to keep your house cool. Don’t think there’s anything you can do to
keep the house comfortable without paying a fortune? Sweeney & Sweeney is
here to help! We’ve compiled a few tips to help you keep costs down all over
the place.

  • Turn off the AC whenever possible. I know for the last
    couple weeks it was staying unsleepably warm overnight, but now that the cooler
    temps are back, go ahead and flip off the AC on your way to bed and open up the
  • Cook outside as much as possible. Using the oven and stove
    just produces more heat that has nowhere to go, so it ends up just heating up
    your house even more. Plus, what’s more summer-y than grilling?
  • If you can, try putting up a clothes line outside and air
    dry your laundry instead of putting it through the dryer. Dryers can also heat
    up the house. This tip also lowers your electric bill because you’re not using
    the extra energy running the dryer!
  • Probably one of the cheapest ways you can keep your AC at
    top efficiency is by simply changing your filters. When these get dirty and
    clogged, it causes the AC to work harder and run longer. Filters can run as cheap
    as a few dollars so go ahead and change them regularly.

We all know how frustrating and expensive it can be to keep
the sweltering heat at bay out here, but we hope that these few tips help you
take some pressure off your wallet. Stay cool! -from everyone at here at Sweeney
& Sweeney hoping you have an enjoyable summer.