Top Disability Claims

Disability claims happen all the time. However, knowledge is power! If you know what the most common types of claims are, it can help you to stay at work and affliction free. Each year Unum puts out a report about the top reasons for
both long-term disability and short-term disability claims. For 2012, they came
up with these results:

Long-term Disability

Cancer accounted for 16% of the LTD claims last year,
although many people are able to get into recovery and return to work.

Back pain disorders made up 15.1% of claims. Really
just a reminder to be careful and take care of their backs.

Injuries estimated 9.8% of last year’s LTD claims and
are the hardest claims to prevent.

Tied with injuries at 9.8%, is behaviourial health
claims which are not often covered under a traditional health plan. If you have
a family history, be sure to check with your health insurance representative
about coverage.

Circulatory disorders come in at 9% of all long-term
claims. We know we should be taking
better care of our hearts, but are you doing all that you need to be?

Short-term Disability

The number one short-term “disability” claim is
maternity. Normal, healthy pregnancies make up 18.9% of claims.

Injuries (non-back-related) also amass 10% of short-term
disabilities or nearly 14% of non-maternity-related claims.

8.4% of claims are due to pregnancy complications.

Kind of a surprising one, 8% of claims are related to
digestive problems. I suppose that’s just another reason to eat your fiber!

In addition to being number 3 reason for long-term
disability claims, back problems also come in at number 5 at 7.1% for short-term

Knowing what kinds of things lead to claims, can help
you avoid them. Some things are unavoidable, like pregnancy complications, but
most claims can be deflected by taking a little more care in your tasks, and
taking preventative measures. Everyone at Sweeney & Sweeney just wants you
to be happy, healthy, and safe. Call us today to find out how we can help you
save on all of your coverage!