Chase Away Summertime Boredom!

“Mom! I’m bored!” This is a phrase that you can hear echoing
all around you in the Summer months when school’s out. Younger kids and
teenagers alike seem to get bored pretty quickly once school’s no longer in
session and then you’re stuck with a bunch of stir crazy rugrats on your hands
that can make you want to pull your hair out. So to help you get some relief
and help them expel some of that excess energy, we’ve compiled a list of
activities for all of your children. 

  • Go to the library and get a few books on local
    plants and animals then go on a hike. Make up a prize for whoever can find the
    most plants/animals. I think this is a great idea because it’s exercise,
    learning, a treat, fresh air, and exploration all rolled into one, neat, cheap
  • Plant a garden! I think this project works the
    best with more than one child, have each kid plant their own little patch with
    2 or 3 plants and have it be their responsibility to take care of it.
    Responsibility makes kids feel good about themselves, and if you plant foods,
    the mature plants are their own reward. Make a whole dinner out of the fruits
    and veggies from your garden.
  • Have a water balloon fight! There is no one of any age who doesn’t love a good old
    fashioned water balloon fight. You can even use the popped balloon pieces for a
    craft! (Be sure you pick up
    piece of balloon as they can pose hazards for wildlife who eat the little
    pieces, mistaking them for food)
  • Teens often have a need to fill large chunks of
    time. For younger teens, volunteering at a local animal shelter, food bank,
    etc. You can also look into getting them a paper route as a way to make some
    extra spending money. For older teens, picking up a summer job is always a good
    way to earn some extra cash, build responsibility, and it’ll help them to start
    building a résumé even if they’re just mowing lawns or babysitting for
    neighbouring working parents.
  • Look into classes for your teens at your local
    YMCA or junior college. This is a great chance for them to take a class in
    something they’re really interested in like dance, cooking, language, sports,
    etc. Get them excited about their collegiate future and school in general! (This
    is also something you could do with your kids if your schedule allows

We hope these at least help stir the creative juices for
figuring out something to do to alleviate the summertime slag. From everyone
here at Sweeney & Sweeney, have a happy, fun, and safe summer!