Smoke Air Quality: Your Health.

The smell of smoke has been creeping into our surrounding counties. The question is, how bad is it for your health? Some people are more susceptible than others. If you have heart or lung issues, you will notice more severe affects. It is also important to take extra precaution if you are a elder or child. Here are some ways to stay protected.

  • Pay attention to the local reports. If the news or online reports tell you to take any precautions then it is a good idea to avoid activities outside.
  • Visibility. If you can see smoke outside then you don’t want to breathe it. Keep your windows closed and have your children play indoors.
  • Smoke affects. Smoke can cause a scratchy throat, sinus problems, a runny nose, stinging eyes, and coughing. If you have heart or lung problems you will experience more sever side effects in the chest. Pay attention to these signs and contact your doctor if it gets bad.

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