Sun Safety

The best part of summer is the fun in the sun! And having that glistening tan does look beautiful, however, only until it becomes harmful. We all need some sun exposure; it’s our primary source of Vitamin D to help us absorb calcium. Here are four easy tips to protect you from harmful UV rays, while still catching those helpful Vitamins.

  • Slip on a shirt:When you are out in the sun, the more clothing the better!
  • Apply sunscreen:Make sure to apply SPF 30 or higher and reapply often throughout the day. Sunscreen does not provide protection for all UV rays, which is why it’s important to follow the other steps.
  • Throw on a hat:Chose a hat the shades and protects your entire head and face. Lucky for us the summer styles this year are trendy sun hats that give you great coverage while looking beautiful!
  • Wear your shades:Make sure to read the label that they are at least 99% UVA or say “UV absorption up to 400 nm.”

Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance encourages you to talk to your local health insurance agent about your current coverage and feel free to call for more helpful skin cancer prevention tips. We also want to remind parents to teach your children the importance of these four steps. Prevention starts early! Sweeney& Sweeney hopes you have a fun and safe summer!