Opening a Home-Based Business

“Your cookies are delicious – you should open a business!” If you’ve heard that many times from those who have enjoyed your cookies you might be taking steps to set up a small business enterprise. One of the many things you’ll need to do is contact your small business insurance in California agent to find out what kind of insurance protection you may need.

Even if you want to start out small in your own home, there are several California agencies you may need to contact to start a food business. The California Department of Public Health may need to inspect your kitchen for cleanliness, ventilation, and other concerns. The California Department of Environmental Health and Safety may require you to have a food handler certificate. You may need to obtain a business license from your local county clerk’s office. An accountant may advise you on your business structure and filing taxes on any income you may earn from selling your scrumptious sweets.

Whether you want to keep your business small and operating out of your own kitchen, or whether you dream of a huge enterprise supplying cookies to every nation in the world, make sure you operate within California laws. One of the first steps to take may be to speak with your small business insurance in California agent to arrange financial protection for your cookie business.