Considerations When Purchasing a High Value Home

Are you about to purchase your ultimate high value dream home? Ask your agent about high value home insurance before taking possession of your new home. We can arrange quotes and appropriate coverage for special items.

When searching for a new home, some of the most important considerations to buyers are often location and convenience, as well as the features of the home itself. Purchasing a home near the coast is appeal to many because of water and beach activities.

An older historical home often has beautiful features you may treasure. Ornate features such as imported marble, hand-carved moldings and crystal chandeliers may call for special high value home insurance coverage. Standard homeowner’s insurance typically does not provide adequate financial protection for these kinds of items. 

A few poorly maintained areas on a high value home could require a significant investment in repairs, such as roofing, cracked swimming pools, or damaged walls. A building inspection could help identify these types of damage.  Paying for an independent home inspection is a worthy investment prior to purchasing a high value home. Before making your final decision, contact your insurance agent to discuss the costs involved in obtaining financial protection for the home of your choice, including how much high value home insurance you may need for adequate coverage.