Small Business Insurance in California for Dog Walkers

The tough economic times of recent years in the U.S. has caused some people to consider downsizing their lifestyles to make room for alternate jobs that may pay less. People might also take on additional jobs, following a pay cut, in order to keep their revenue stream stable. Dog walking is a profession that may meet either of these needs, but it does require small business insurance in California.

When starting a dog walking career, there are some basic considerations. It is important to be knowledgeable and passionate about dogs, and to be physically fit. Learn what kinds of things anger dogs, and stay in control of your ‘pack’ at all times. Know your walking neighborhoods well, and be familiar with local dog parks. Be prepared with references for potential customers. Charge enough to cover your time and costs, and consider offering additional services such as dog grooming and dog sitting. Find out the licensing and insurance requirements in the county or city where you will be operating your dog walking business.

As a dog walker you’d be wise to have some liability insurance that covers property damage and bodily injury. Your small business insurance in California agent may be your best source for information on obtaining the insurance you need to start your dog walking business so feel free to call our office for information or quotes.