High Value Home Insurance Benefits

Specially tailored high value home insurance policies can be the best option for those who want to protect their luxury homes. While standard home insurance policies usually provide a good level of cover for most houses, luxury estates can benefit from policies that offer customized options.

You can bet The White House has high value insurance!

Many luxury estates are home to collectible items, antiques, valuable artwork, and other precious items. It’s also common for luxury properties to have customized construction features or materials that may not be adequately covered by a standard insurance policy. The right insurer will accurately assess your property from the outset by using their valuation expertise, so that your policy may incorporate anything from the loss of a valuable wine collection to damage by the weather events. As the owner, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you have appropriate protection for rare items or unique building features and materials.

What to look for in a luxury home insurance policy:

  • Expertise. The insurer will have expertise with assessment, coverage, and settlement of luxury home insurance policies.
  • Comprehensive coverage. A luxury home insurance policy will include comprehensive provisions for all eligible types of damage.
  • Customization. If you have unique or unusual features in your home, your insurer will be able to tailor and customize your policy to provide adequate protection.

Keeping these issues in mind can help you simplify the process of finding the right high value home insurance policy. Our agents have excellent experience in sourcing appropriate insurance for luxury homes so you’re welcome to call us to arrange quotes.