The Future with Small Business Insurance in California

The recent Union Bank National Small-Business Economic Survey has revealed what Californian small business owners like and dislike about doing business in the State. Some seemed uncertain about the future (which is of course a good reason to ensure you have great small business insurance in California).

The survey canvassed 200 small business owners, who have annual sales of less than $15 million. It also surveyed 500 owners of businesses outside of California.

On a positive note, 48 percent of those surveyed were optimistic about the business climate for the next two years. On the flip side, 48 per cent said the climate had worsened for their business in the past two years.

Respondents praised California’s opportunities for business growth. 13 percent also enjoyed having close proximity to businesses that influence their own business.

Housing costs, the State’s economy and taxes were all marked as disadvantages to having a business in California.

While many business owners are seemingly optimistic about the future, it always pays to be prepared for the inevitable tough times. This is why taking out small business insurance in California is so important. To compare quotes and choose coverage to suit your needs and budget, simply contact our team of professional agents today.