Will Landscaping Have Any Effect on Your High Value Home Insurance?

When you own a large estate or a luxury property, ordinary homeowner insurance is unlikely to suffice. High value home insurance may be a better choice, certainly in cases where you have assets valued at over $1 million. Choosing a qualified landscaper can also keep things in order by ensuring your landscape is designed and maintained to offer minimal access and hiding places for burglars and other potential intruders.

To find a landscaper, simply follow these tips:

  • Ask for recommendations from neighbors, family or friends. Often this can be the best way to find a professional who does quality work for large homes.
  • Obtain a few quotes to compare prices and services. Ask what the quote includes and excludes. Find out if the quote is a fixed price or an estimate.
  • Ask the chosen company if they are licensed and insured. This may show the landscaper has business and customer service know-how. Landscapers should also have general liability insurance in case they cause damage to your property.
  • See if the landscaper can provide samples or testimonials of recent work. You might want to have them show jobs they have completed for similar-sized properties.

Protecting your home and other assets is just as important as keeping your property looking good. Our agents can tailor high value home insurance options to find coverage that suits your requirements, so why not talk to us today?