Is condo living for you?

Living in a condo is different from the way of life you may be accustomed to; when you buy a condo regular home insurance won’t do, and you have to purchase special condo insurance! California residents who are looking for a change of lifestyle or a more convenient place to live may be considering moving to a condo community. Is condo living for you?

It’s hard to make a list of advantages and disadvantages of condo living, because what is huge selling point to one person may be a deal-breaker for another. We’ll list a few of the features of condo living, and leave it to you to decide whether they should go in your “advantages” or “disadvantages” column.  

–    There’s no need to shovel snow or mow lawns, but if you need exercise there are communal facilities like tennis courts and gyms.
–    Condos may be more affordable for first time buyers than traditional housing, although they tend to take longer to sell than traditional houses or apartments.
–    Condo developments are often found in downtown locations so you may be able to live in a condo that’s close your place of work.
–    Condos tend to be smaller and have less storage facilities than regular housing.  

–    Condo life is communal and less private than traditional lifestyles.

Only you can decide whether the condo way of life suits you. Each condo development is unique, so if you’re uncertain about communal living consider investigating a few different condos and talking to an insurance agency that specializes in condo insurance California before you decide to purchase a Californian condo.