Insurance Saving 101, CA Auto Insurance for Married Couples

Most couples are interested in saving money, if you have just gotten back from your honeymoon, searching for ways to get cheaper insurance might not be at the top of your list. However, it could be financially beneficial.  Below are four suggestions to lowering your auto insurance rates.

Combining Insurance Coverage – Go to your local agent and suggest that you need to combine policies. Having two drivers on a policy could normally result in a significant raise in premium. However, if you state you are recently married and are currently interested in special rates or discounts that will apply to joining accounts, many agencies will have programs in place.

Policy Bundling – If you have more than one item to insure, think about bundling them together. Insurance companies want your business and sometimes would give incentives to bundling. For example, your home, auto and boat insurance could all be under one agency for a special discount.

Don’t Buy More Car Insurance Than You Need– When being quoted for auto insurance, companies tend to quote you for the highest policy possible, with the most coverage.  Items like road side assistance, medical and rental vehicles could all make your initial premium go up.  If you already own two cars, then getting a rental may not be necessary. Make sure and look through the options and take out ones you don’t need.

If Possible, Raise Your Deductibles – When raising your deductibles your options will normally be $500.00-$1500.00, this is the amount you will be required to pay out of pocket in the event of an accident or claim. For most couples a high deductible right after getting married might be hard to do.  Keep in mind that a higher deductible may also allow you to increase coverage limits so that you have a better over-all policy.  Do the research and find out which one will be best for you.

As with any big decision in your new future, it needs to be made together. Sit down and figure out what is best for you as a new couple, if questions come up contact your local agent. Use these guidelines when discussing new information with your agent and you will be that much closer to obtaining the best plan possible for your auto insurance.