Wedding Insurance, Do You Really Need It?

Are you thinking about getting married? Anyone that is already engaged or thinking about getting engaged and married knows that there might be a lot of planning down the road. Once engaged you might start booking your location, photographer and DJ. With all of this time and effort going into one big day, you may want to look into what is called special event insurance or wedding insurance. Below are some examples of what might happen on your special day and why you might want to speak to your local agent about wedding insurance.

·         Postponement due to family illnesses, untimely deaths, and travel delays

·         Flowers and wedding photography that failed to arrive when promised

·         Bakers, caterers, bridal boutiques, and wedding venues that went out of business

·         No-show photographers and DJs

·         Lost or damaged wedding rings, dresses and attire

·         Damaged wedding cake, spoiled food, and other glitches in catering and entertainment


Anyone with current homeowners insurance will be able to have their insurance company offer special wedding insurance; however they will only be able to provide coverage up to the liability limits on their homeowner’s policy, unless you can find a carrier that can do it as a standalone policy. For more information on wedding insurance , please contact your local agent for a policy that will cover your special day.