Cover for your home with high value home insurance

The insurance needs of owners of homes that are worth $1 million or more are often different from the needs of owners of lower-value properties.  High value home insurance policies offer a range of special benefits and privileges that are not features of standard home insurance policies.

  • The policy may offer higher coverage limits for personal possessions.
  • In some cases a claim may be settled on a full cash basis if you choose not to rebuild or replace your property.
  • Damage to the drain and sewer systems of your home may be covered.
  • The policy might offer higher coverage for liability.
  • The policy might offer more substantial alternative living expenses if you are evacuated from your high value home after a disaster.
  • The policy might provide higher coverage for fraud, data loss and identity theft.

The owner of a high value home often has complex needs such as multiple properties, high value personal possessions, antique furniture, art works and other valuable collections. Additionally, high value homes may have special unique architectural features that are difficult and expensive to replace. Because of this, a high value home insurance policy is typically tailored to suit the policy holder’s individual requirements. Our insurance agency employs experienced, knowledgeable staff who can offer a professional, fully personalized service for the owners of high value homes, so if you feel that high value home insurance might provide the level of insurance protection you need, speak to us soon.