Mr. John Sweeney

He is our CEO, he is our owner, but most of all John Sweeney is the leader of our team here at Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance.

John was born and raised in Chico, CA and has seen the town grow from about 25,000 people to the thriving community it is today. He said the town was a very close knit community where “everyone knew everyone”, and he likes that despite its growth, Chico still maintains a small town atmosphere. John graduated from Pleasant Valley High School here in Chico, and then he attended Butte College, Golden Gate University, and also Chico State. While growing up John was exposed to the insurance business because of his father who owned a local insurance agency. While attending college John worked for his dad’s agency, then after college John worked full time for his father. In 1983 John’s father sold the company, and that’s when John met his wife Gigi at a new insurance company.

John and his wife Gigi joined together to start their own agency, Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance.  Their business started off small, predominately assisting people with health and life insurance. John says that he has a real passion for educating people about protecting themselves with insurance, and that’s why he and his wife started the company.

In 1994 John started buying smaller agencies, which made his company grow into a much larger one with more clients who had more needs.  Since the company started growing larger he became a Certified Insurances Counselor (CIC), and also acquired a series 6 and 63 license for financial investments.

The most rewarding part of John’s job is protecting his clients along with their assets, and knowing that they really do trust him with all of their needs.

When he’s not at his office you might find Mr. Sweeney playing a round of golf, or you may see him cruising around on his bike, and he loves to sit back and relax after work to watch the Giants play baseball.

John believes strongly in daily affirmations, and he sends his team inspirational quotes.  One of his all-time favorites that he has shared is “you can live with the pain of discipline, or you can live with the pain of regret”.   Mr. Sweeney has built his agency with strong discipline, and he encourages everyone to find their passion so there’s no room for regret.