Bathroom Safety and You

Did you know that 640 people on average will have an accident in the bathroom resulting in an injury, today?  That’s right- the special place where people take care of their “business” is home to 234,000 injuries a year according to medical records in 2008.  80 % of bathroom accidents are slip and falls in or around the tub.  Who knew that sitting in a tub of water, or spraying oneself in the face while standing on a slippery surface was such a risk?  The other 20 %  happen around the toilet or sink (I think there might be a large fraction of non-reported cases of people who get mascara in their eye).

                Many of the more serious injuries happen to those older than 50.  Retirees may not be able to afford hand rails, but they can be a necessity.  These lower the risk of slip and falls and allow them to go from a sitting position to a standing one with a little more ease.  The strain of that activity can affect the elderly in a much larger degree.  Now before this starts sounding like some grade school bathroom humor, we at Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Services would like to remind everyone that danger can be just one “business” trip away and can be found in our homes.  With quality health insurance those spills can be a much easier task to manage.  We offer premium health insurance in Chico and to our neighbors of Butte County.  Contact us today with your questions, find us on Facebook and Twitter for news of special offers.