Start Off The Travel Season Right

            Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to the summer travel season. That time of the year to visit the relatives while on the road to Disneyland. What could possibly go wrong during those happy vacation days? As long as you avoid creepy old abandoned camps by the lakeside and the quirky lumber jack wearing the hockey mask everything should go swimmingly, right? Among that situation there is always the possibility of something else putting a dent in the vacation plans. Without the proper insurance that perfect summer vacation can be the perfect recipe for disaster. Make sure to get the right insurance to get the job done.  With all that driving on long stretches of highway, going from state to state, it is very possible that a flat tire or a car accident can happen.  The right insurance plan and auto insurance in general is a good thing to have. If the family mini-van blows a tire out in the middle of nowhere, not having a plan that includes Triple A service, could keep you from visiting those relatives and Disneyland, and possibly get stranded on a highway in Utah.

                Auto insurance is one of the many worries while out on the road. On the road some of those odd ball food places can start looking very appealing. Who knows what is actually in the swamp burger at Tom’s Smelly Fish Emporium and Restaurant? Having to deal with the almost definite risk of eating bad food is not the time to wish for health insurance. Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Services would like to remind those out on the road of our outstanding auto and health insurance in the Butte County area. Contact us today to find out how to get quality insurance, and find us on Facebook and Twitter.