Men’s Health Week

                June 13-19 is Father’s Day week; it is also men’s health week. Did you know three out of every four American men are overweight, and one in five have heart disease.  Men are dying at higher rates than women from problems that are entirely preventable. Aren’t men supposed to be the tough ones? They have been scaring away the boogie man out from under beds and closets for centuries. Why is it that men are dying from heart disease and obesity? Maybe it is time to kick things into high gear and get healthy. Take the time to get regular check-ups, vaccines, and proper exercise. No matter how much Monday night football gets that heart pumping it is not as good as a brisk walk or jog.

                Father’s Day week is a great time to get men and boys more aware of these costly and preventable health risks. Guys have to be around to smash spiders with our shoes, open pickle jars, and fix leaky faucets. All of which are key things for survival in this modern age. Don’t let something like heart disease and obesity keep you from these tasks long into those golden years. Get active this father’s day weekend and learn how to get heart healthy.

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