Grilling Season is Here

    Memorial Day marks the first big weekend of the grilling season.  Just remember the fire is meant to cook the meat and not the chef!   With the apron comes great responsibility – and risk.  The increase of grilling activity brings more than its fair share of related injuries.  As to be expected, there are a few burns every now and then, but for a perfect grilled hamburger it is a small price to pay, especially when it was someone else cooking that burger.  This however is an example of the smallest thing to go wrong.  Damage could range from severe injury to burning down a building or two.  Hopefully the latter is just burnt on the edges and uncooked in the middle.

    There have even been cases of people grilling in their house and accidentally poisoning themselves with noxious fumes.  Be sure to play it safe this season and protect the things that are flammable and nonedible.  Hopefully there are measures for replacing that house and other nonedible things.  At Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance we can help you with that.  Providing California home insurance and health insurance are just two of the many services we offer.  Contact us today with all of those pesky insurance questions!