Flood Protection

        Spring is here and most people could not be happier about it!  After seeing a winter that for the most part just did not want to leave –  with storms rolling in back to back and uprooting trees.  Sadly we are not out of the woods yet. The temperature may have risen and the sky may have seemed a little less damp and grey, but we still have the aftermath of winter to deal with.  Snow, for example, has been in abundance this year with 165% more snow pack.  At first this may not seem important –  if it is not in the driveway or in front of the mail box why bother thinking about it? This increase has led to an increase in water, passing through the many water ways and levees. The problem is:  can these water ways handle the rise in pressure from the run off? Do we need to be concerned that these water levees may rupture or leak? Then there is the fact that the flood control system is not guaranteed against damage.

          Many California home insurance providers do not include flood protection in their policies. Is the gamble on whether or not these water ways hold worth not taking extra precaution for your home? There are roughly 14,000 miles of levees that run through California. That’s quite the distance for any potential leaks or ruptures. Also it may be something to look into for California business insurance as well. So don’t let the run offs of winter dampen your spirits this spring.  Please contact Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance if you would like more information onflood protection for your home.