Accidents Come In All Sizes

Cute furry animals may be nice to look at, but are quite a nuisance on the road. Most drivers at one point have experienced some trouble with our woodland neighbors. A recent poll has shed some light on the top ten animals that cause car accidents. First on this notorious list are deer. They gracefully hop through the woods and catch the eye but tend to bound onto the roads in front of moving vehicles. This is a serious problem for many drivers for multiple reasons, like the fact they are generally found in a group of four or more, crossing one at a time in rapid succession. Also the adult male deer’s weigh in the ball park of 130-300 pounds, females range from 90-200 pounds. In a nut shell I would say that hitting one of these would be like driving into a sofa bed with antlers, possibly at speeds up to 50 miles per hour in residential areas. This can be fatal because of the antlers and cloven hooves; also it can be just as deadly to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting these majestic animals.

          These other animals on the list are a problem because they are smaller and noticed far too late to just stop. Leaving the driver to either run over the small critter or swerve away. No one likes to run over an animal, but because of this moral dilemma it could cause drivers to go off the road or into oncoming traffic.  Animals also on the list include the wild turkey, squirrel, ducks, dogs, cats, birds, raccoons, and bunnies  and are some of the leading causes in animal related vehicle accidents. As you know these are only numbers one through nine. The last animal on the list is tenth on the list of causing accidents is the opossum. Oddly enough I think it’s the only one with an excuse of why it didn’t get out of the way of a moving vehicle. Opossums are creature that are mostly blind and can’t tell when a car is about to hit them. What surprises me is that they are only tenth on the list, behind animals that can see and move around quickly!

             We, at this California Insurance Agency, care about these helpless animals as well as those drivers who get into accidents because of them.  At Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance, we try to get you the most bang for your buck – and fix those dents and dings from hitting one. On our website you can find coverage for your other vehicles as well as coverage for the house, water vehicles, and life insurance.